How does global warming affect humans and the environment?

Global warming has taken the world by storm in the past few years. The general consensus is that global warming is true, and that humans are to blame for it. But scientists are not so sure. They believe global climate change could be caused by an increase in solar activity, which would make global warming a natural occurrence rather than human-created—making its effects both unpredictable and uncontrollable. Although man-made global warming is a theory, there are ways to solve the problem if it does exist. If global warming were found to be true, the first thing humans would have to do is cut down on carbon emissions. The next step would be to start developing clean energy sources, such as wind power or solar power

Climate change has always been a controversial issue, but at this point I’m not even sure how people even argue about whether climate change exists. It’s not even a matter of it being right or wrong. It’s just that I don’t know how to have the point of view that climate change isn’t real, because it physically is.
The fact that climate change is controversial is really weird to me considering how obvious it is. There are numerous facts about global warming that are undeniable, and there are also facts made by credible scientists all over the world. On the other hand, there are also facts made by not-so-credible scientists about climate change. Either way, there is no possible way to just take the opposing side and say, “Oh yeah? Show me!”.
Climate change is happening today and it’s one of the biggest environmental issues we have ever faced. It’s not a matter of whether or not we can stop it either—we’ll need to decide what we’re going to do about global warming once we find out for sure if it’s happening.
Climate change is a global issue. It will affect us all, and there is nothing we can do to stop it.
The Earth has been warming up since the 1970s, but this hasn’t been as dramatic as many expected. In fact, it’s been relatively slow for decades now despite some concerning climate fluctuations since the 1970s.
Scientists predicted that this warming would happen in the 1990s, but it didn’t actually start happening in earnest until around 1998. By 2004, global warming was in its “emergency phase”. Scientists thought the worst of the global warming would come to an end after 2005 or 2006, but this was not to be.
Instead of having a plateauing effect, global warming’s effects increased over the past decade. It has continued to increase since 2007, but at a somewhat slower rate.
There are around 100 million articles around the web on the topic of global warming. Some are completely biased against global warming while some are purely factual. None of them can be trusted though, because they’re all based on assumptions before research is done to verify them. It would be more trustworthy if all of these articles were backed up by real scientific research that’s been done.
Scientists agree that environmental pollution is the largest human-generated cause of climate change. However, it’s hard to prove that climate change is actually happening.
What you should also know about global warming is that the politics of the issue has led to a lot of lies, misinformation, and propaganda. Climate change is very much like any other political issue because both sides try to convince us one way or another. Unfortunately this means it’s pretty difficult to get unbiased information on the subject unless you’re willing to go deep into it yourself.
The global warming controversy is one of the most polarizing topics in recent history.
This issue is so polarizing because there are so many different opinions being thrown around, there’s no way to know which side to believe in the end. On the one hand, people say that manmade causes are driving global warming. On the other hand, an equal amount of people will tell you that climate change is a natural phenomenon that has occurred since time began.
This polarizing issue has made it very difficult for anyone to have an opinion on global warming. Scientists are no exception, either. It’s hard to know what they’re thinking about climate change, because some of them see the subject as indisputable while others are skeptical about it. Still others are convinced that manmade causes are driving global warming, but don’t want to believe that humans have anything to do with it.
There are a lot of scientists out there who are skeptical of climate change, but on the other side, there are also many scientists who feel quite certain that global warming is happening. I have always been unsure about it myself. It’s really difficult to figure out though, so I’m just going to go with the unbiased information I can get on this issue.
The one thing scientists can agree on is this: global warming has already happened—on a very small scale and in a relatively short timeframe. This is one of the things that makes climate change seem like it’s not really happening—there’s no way to notice it until it starts getting deadly.
For the record, the Earth has having been cooling for quite some time now, starting around 1645. The last time the world was as warm as it is today was during the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) between 900 and 1300 AD. During this time, global temperatures were about 1 degree Celsius above their current levels.
The year 1880 is the first time scientists started to notice the effects of global warming. The planet’s temperature increased by about 0.6 degrees Celsius. Since then, the temperature has risen about 0.8 degrees Celsius over the course of 100 years—and it’s still rising today!
Scientists are predicting that global cooling will end sometime between 2030 and 2050, after which global warming will undertake full control of Earth’s climate once again.
The North Pole is melting at a faster rate than scientists expected, and it’s already caused some problems for us.
If you noticed on the map above, the North Pole is almost entirely ice at this time of year, and it hasn’t been that way for a very long time. The last time the northernmost point of our planet was so warm was 75 years ago, and scientists aren’t sure why.

Global warming is happening, and it will affect all of us if we don’t do something about it soon. It’s going to affect the future of our children and grandchildren in a major way, so we need to watch out for the effects of global warming before it’s too late.
Global warming is a very important topic that needs to be addressed by all of us. It’s one of the greatest threats that our planet faces, and everyone needs to take it seriously, even if it doesn’t affect them directly.
There are scientists who are fully convinced that global warming is happening, while there are still many scientists who don’t buy into the idea. We need all of you to tell us what you think about this issue in the comments below.

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